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With my chat feature via the app it’s easy to stay connected.

My team will interact with you whenever you need guidance. We’re here for you.

Online Coaching

Through my online coaching platform, you’ll be able to receive dedicated support, custom plans, regular check-ins and progression tracking.
We’re here to help you achieve a sustainable and healthy lifestyle whilst smashing your goals.

Real-time progress tracker so you can see your progress at all times. You will also have the ability to enter your measurements weekly via the app, to give you a concise indication of your progress in relation to your goals.

Custom Tracking

Dedicated Support

You will receive tailored workout and nutrition plans, designed specifically for you, your goals and your lifestyle.
Moreover, you will have full support every step of the way.


All of our clients are important to us, and that’s why we dedicate time to each and every one. Their success is our success. Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about the coaching programme.

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I believe that what you put out there in this world, you shall receive. If you’re prepared to make changes in your life, then you will reap the benefits!

I stand out because I am never satisfied. I am always looking to improve myself and others around me.

Thom Evans in a hoodie looking at the camera
Image of Thom Evans working out on a railing bar

About Me

I started online coaching because with a wealth of experience in health and fitness, I wanted to help better others in their fitness journeys.

My Experience

I am targeting people who want to change. People who have that desire, but are not sure how to go about it and need that direction and encouragement to do so.

I am doing this because it’s who I am as a person. I live and breath it and have done my whole life, so why not help better someone else’s life if I can?

How I can help you

I am qualified to do this because I am living proof of what I teach. All the information that I pass on to my clients are tools and practices that I have applied on myself.

My goal is to help improve my clients health and wellbeing and I firmly believe that I can achieve this through a healthy diet and balanced workout regime.

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The first wealth
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